Building the future of sustainable acoustics

Say hello to 100% natural and carbon-negative acoustic solutions that are safe and sound for you and our planet. 

Inspiring a sound future

All aspects of our product development, from research, design, technology application, and production, are grounded in our respect for the planet.

We place our planet’s well-being at the forefront of everything we do, from the raw materials we source and the processes we adopt to the products we develop.

“Safe and sound reflects our deep understanding of acoustic properties and passion for creating safe spaces for people to live, work, study, and play.”

Mikko Paananen, Chief Executive Officer, Aisti


Natural & 
sustainable materials


Irritating or
allergic fibers


Safe &
circular tiles

Carbon negative acoustics

Made from wood fiber, our Teno acoustic tiles meet premium technical capabilities, fire safety standards and environmental targets.

The natural fiber lends our tiles full recyclability. Combine that with energy-efficient production and the tile’s negative carbon footprint, and you have Aisti® Teno Acoustic Tiles – the future of sustainable acoustic solutions.

Putting our claims into numbers

CO2 Handprint

3.5 Mt

By 2032, our customers will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 megatons.


11.6 min

Forests in Finland grow our needed amount of fiber in 11.6 minutes.


29 times

Our tiles generate 29 times more value per ton of raw material than traditional pulp.

The power of foam forming

Foam forming technology unlocks a new way to consciously utilize cellulose fiber to produce low-density tiles free from synthetic binders, allergic materials and plastic.

The scalable, cost-effective and energy-efficient manufacturing process makes our sustainable products affordable.

Our story

Investors, meet our founders

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs with decades of knowledge in the construction and pulp and paper industry. Our business is growing, and the market potential is sound.

Join our mission to lead the transition towards carbon-negative built environments.