Inspiring a sound future with superior acoustics

Our product development and production processes are rooted in our respect for nature.

Introducing Teno® Acoustic Tiles

Designed, manufactured, and certified to meet global safety standards, Teno Acoustic Tiles are inspired by nature in their design, manufacturing, and capabilities.

Our acoustic products are recyclable, plastic-free, and ready for installation without modifications to existing processes.


Natural & sustainable materials


Irritating & allergic fibers


Safe & circular tiles

“We are driven by a deep respect for people’s senses and wellbeing. We innovate acoustic solutions to bring harmony to the people we serve and the planet we respect.”

Petri jetsu – chief technology officer, aisti

Efficient Novel Technology

The foam-forming technology unlocks a new way to produce low-density fiberboards from cellulose fibers on a large scale.

Our technology is cost-effective and energy-conscious, so it’s sustainable by default.

Thanks to foam-forming, we are the first to produce acoustic tiles that are light in weight, plastic-free, and made from 100% recyclable materials.

Take a closer look at foam forming in action.

Reimagining sound capabilities

Sensational acoustics

Our tiles have received global acoustics and indoor climate accreditations:

  • Class A in sound absorption
  • M1 in low VOC emissions

Perfect and safe indoor climate

Our process frees our products from needing plastic binders. This innovative process achieves low VOC emissions and a perfect indoor environment.

  • Fire class B-s1, d0

Exceptional aesthetics and design

Our coatings and surfaces are designed to meet the demands of architects and designers.

Seamless humidity and water resistance

Our tiles seamlessly absorb and release water vapor thanks to the natural wood fibers.

Innovative materials and technology

Aisti® Teno acoustic tiles are free from plastic binders and irritating materials. Our tiles also bind CO₂

Circular and green acoustic tiles

Aisti® Teno acoustic tiles are a commodity at the end of their life cycle, saving up on their life cycle costs and fulfilling our recyclability promise.

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