Innovating a carbon-negative future

Natural tiles with sustainability, energy efficiency, and circularity at their core.

Solutions inspired by nature.

It is time to free the planet of building materials’ carbon burdens and begin a new era of sustainable and natural materials that are affordable, easy to install and deliver on technical capabilities.

There’s no reason for sustainable to mean costly. With natural materials and innovation, we have found our novel formula to produce affordable and reliable sustainable acoustic products that are safe and sound for people and the environment.

“Buildings are currently responsible for 39% global energy-related carbon emissions”

World green building council 2022

It’s time to shape the future of carbon negative acoustics 

CO2 handprint

3.5 Mt

Our customers can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 megatons CO₂eq by 2032.


11.6 Min

The Finnish forests grow our needed amount of fibers in 11.6 minutes.



Our products are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycles.

Our priority SDGs

We align our business strategy and operations with three priority SDGs and work within the bounds of the EU Taxonomy Framework.

SDG3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Noise pollution continues to be a silent threat to people’s well-being and health. Our acoustics tiles promote optimal indoor sound spaces to protect people’s well-being and health.

SDG12: Responsible consumption and production

Our products have a 10% shorter life cycle. The circularity of our products starts from raw material sourcing to recovering used tiles, then recycling used tiles into raw materials for new tiles.

SDG13: Climate Action

We are mindful of the energy sources we utilize to produce our products. Thanks to foam forming technology, our processes are energy efficient.

Rethinking accessibility

The revolutionary value of our tiles is their affordability and accessibility. Developers and architects can rely on our products to deliver premium capabilities and meet industry standards and application requirements while realizing their carbon targets.

Conserving energy

No one can deny that manufacturing building materials require a lot of energy. Thanks to our foam forming technology and novel process, we can rely on clean, fossil-free energy to curb our carbon footprint.

Tracing raw materials

For us, sustainability begins with how we source our raw materials. Currently, only ⅓ of the world’s forestry are working forests, and out of that, only ⅓ of the wood is harvested for pulp and paper production. Our raw materials are sourced ethically.

Innovating circularity

Because our products are made from natural materials and with zero plastic, they maintain value and do not create waste. Our tiles are commodities at the end of their life cycle.

Curbing CO₂

A carbon net zero goal for the sector requires every material, process, and project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To put our purpose into action, our products can reduce CO₂ emissions by 3.5 megatons in the next ten years.