Sustainable acoustic tiles

Ångtvätten 22: Increasing office well-being

Ångtvätten 22 at a glance


Right next to the water on Stora Essingen, just a stone’s throw from the city, lies Ångtvätten 22 where the modern office spaces feature lush terraces, a lunch restaurant, a gym, and a garage, and are ready for occupancy in 2023. Ångtvätten 22 accommodates 4,000 people (40,000 m2) and is a modern property where the size of spaces and layout can be fully customized to meet the client’s needs.

Benefits of using Aisti® Teno:

Absorption class (EN ISO 354/EN ISO 11654) A 

Fire retardancy (EN 13501-1) B-s1, d0 

Emission Classification, Indoor air M1, French VOC A+ 

Carbon footprint (LCA: GHG Protocol/EN 15804 A1-C4) 1,02 kg CO2e 

Carbon dioxide embedded in the product -2,55 kg CO2e / m2 

Recyclability (CEPI): Recyclable 

Moisture resistance: C class RH95%, 30°C. 

Thickness: 15, 20 and 40 mm 

Tile size: 600x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm 

The specific Teno tiles installed at Ångtvätten 22 were 600 x 600 mm and 20 mm thick. 

Discover how Ångtvätten 22 transformed its office space acoustics with sustainable Aisti® Teno acoustic tiles:

Our Teno tiles were installed to the standard t-grid by the professional installation team. The team installed the tiles on the ceiling where Teno is effectively absorbing sound reflections, reducing significantly the echo within the office. As a result, the productivity and well-being of the people using the space increase.

Demo case testimony:

“We were very excited to receive this demo case and deliver our sustainable and natural acoustic tiles to the client. The result is well functioning, stylish. Most importantly it helps Ångtvätten 22 clients to focus on their daily work the best possible way, knowing, that the indoor climate is safe” says Aisti CEO Mikko Paananen.

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